Prep Work for Our September Meetup

At September’s Meetup, we will work together to build an online learning site for new software developers!

Learning Management Systems are useful for a variety of purposes, and with Wordpress and several plugins we can shorten the time it takes to deploy our very own courses, reference materials, and educational materials.

The instructions below will walk you through the set up process so that we can hit the ground running (and all start on the same page) when we meet on September 25th. Please complete the steps in order to fully participate. If you have any trouble or questions, please use GitHub to submit an issue, message us on the Code4Abq Slack channel, or send an email to

The site we create will use the following plugins:

Get Ready!

  1. Download and install Local by Flywheel
  2. Make a new Wordpress install using Local by Flywheel
  3. Head to the local directory of the site you just made, and copy these files into the Public directory:
  4. Navigate to the installer from your browser (something like code4lms.local/installer.php), ignore the not private warning and proceed

On the night of the meetup, we will work together on the following tasks for our Learning Site:

  1. Create a new course to teach our learners a skill
  2. Build a directory of people and institutions to know in the NM Tech Scene
  3. Build a glossary of terms new developers must learn
  4. Style the theme
  5. Rework the user flows for purchasing memberships